Using the commercial kitchen facilities at Mycoterra Farm, Song Sparrow Farm Kitchen was born as a response to flooding in July of 2023, which made it unsafe to harvest or consume any crops from the land Song Sparrow Farm leased in Florence.  In order to keep the crew going  in between planting fall crops in our satellite location, we crafteted a unique set of foods and beverages featuring locally grown fruits, veggies, and herbs that support our health without sacrificing flavor.  


In 2024, Song Sparrow Farm Kitchen will grow vegetables, fruits and herbs and continue to share them with the community at farmers markets with fresh produce offerings, AND we will continue to process food to make accessible delicious products.  


All our ready to eat foods are prepared at the commercial kitchen @ Mycoterra Farm in South Deerfield. We make products to highlight Song Sparrow Farm’s Certified Naturally Grown produce & herbs.  


In 2023 Song Sparrow Farm partnered with Winter Moon Roots, Whale Rock Farm, Mycoterra Farm, Sweet Birch Herbals, Kitchen Garden Farm, Sleepy Owl Herbs, Flora & Fauna Farm, Red Fire Farm, & Riverland Farm, all of whom believe, like us, in using Organic Practices to grow Produce and Herbs.  We also partner with local producers, like Lakeside Farm, and Warner Farm, who use conventional methods to produce some staple crops, like onions or green beans. 

Most importantly, Song Sparrow farmers have relationships with the people who make the crops possible at all of these farms, helping us be a part of a resilient food system.  The support from these businesses was integral to Song Sparrow’s survival after the floods in 2023  We look forward to continuing to partner with new and old friends across the food system to make amazing tasty healthy treats in 2024!