Produce Share

Each weekly share will feature seasonally available Certified Naturally Grown produce and herbs. Each week, you’ll receive five different produce items, which can include: 8 oz bag of Salad mix, 8 oz bag of Spinach, pint of Cherry Tomatoes, quart of Cucumbers, and a large bunch of Scallions

Pantry Share

Our pantry items highlight Song Sparrow Farm’s Certified Naturally Grown produce and herbs. Each week, you’ll receive five different pantry items which can include: herbal tea, pickles, veggie side dishes, dried herbs or kitchen spices, infused vinegar, and the occasional special treat 😉

How our Farm Share works

Shares will be available in monthly (4 weeks) or full-season (21 weeks) packages. The full season will run from June 4th to October 26th.

Do I have to choose?

You can select a produce share, a pantry share, or both!

What’s in a share?

Each farm share will be a weekly disbursement of about 5+ items.

How do I pickup my share? When signing up you will be prompted to select a pick-up location. You’ll be able to select from 3 different pick-up dates and locations for your convenience:

  • Tuesdays in South Deerfield @ Mycoterra Farm Store (2pm-7pm)
  • Saturdays in Greenfield @ Greenfield Farmers Market (9am-1:30pm)
  • Fridays in Easthampton @ Mockingbird Farm (6pm-8pm

Anything else?

CSA members will also receive a monthly copy of the new Sparrow Farmers’ Almanac. The Almanac is produced by the Song Sparrow Farm team and will feature imaginative art and folkloric plant histories. New editions will be issued each month throughout the season.

To read more or to sign up for Song Sparrow’s Farm Shares please visit our GrownBy page.

How to Sign Up for a Farm Share

Our CSA and new online farm stand are organized through a platform called GrownBy: 

Song Sparrow Farm Shares

GrownBy allows you to select where you’d like to pick up your share and choose between a monthly or full-season share. 

We also recommend downloading the GrownBy app so you can receive notifications and reminders, or make other purchases from your phone. 

A note on SNAP/HIP: We are working with state officials to add our CSA offerings to the SNAP program. Until then, we request that SNAP customers pay on-site for monthly pickup and select “Pay Offline” during the checkout process on GrownBy.  As soon as we have updates, we will share those!

What is a Farm Share or CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. 

A Farmshare typically refers to a quantity of food picked up by an eater right from a farmer.

Community Supported Agriculture is a model in which the eater of food and the grower of food enter into a mutually-beneficial relationship:

  • Eaters purchase a farm share which entitles them to a pre-determined portion of the grower’s regular harvest.
  • Growers receive funds up front and committed CSA members which enable them to effectively plan their crops, costs, and season.

Farmers design the season’s crop plan to be able to harvest a weekly selection of produce for their CSA members all season long. Eaters receive a weekly disbursement of fresh, nutrient-dense produce at a much better price tag all season long.

In this model there is shared risk and shared reward. If a crop suffers, CSA members may not see it in their share, but if a crop is abundant they may also get way more than they expected.

As farmers, our job is to mitigate the risks, and grow lots of food. CSA funds and commitments help us invest in doing just that. Whenever you purchase a CSA farm share, you are helping a local farm survive and helping a local community thrive.

We hope you’ll support a local CSA this season. It’ll really help keep your dollars and your produce local.