Meet the Crew

Toni Hall (they/them)

Toni bought Song Sparrow Farm in 2021. They grew up in a garden, making music. They learned how to farm, how to be an educator, and how to process and distribute large quantities of food to food-insecure communities. They view growing food as an act of resilience and resistance.  They lease farm land, work-trade for kitchen access, and run this business to grow community and plants, hoping that both will act as medicine.

Lars Clavier (they/them)

Field Manager 

Lars Clavier joined the crew in 2022. Originally from Pennsylvania, Lars has grown into a clearheaded leader in the field and a creative force beind some of Song Sparrow Kitchen’s most popular creations. Prior to joining the farm, Lars was supporting farmers at Nuestras Raíces in Holyoke. 

Kitchen Manager

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Sales & Distribution Manager

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Farm Crew

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Dandy Lion (she/her)

Farm Dog

Dandy Lion is a loving 8(ish)-year old rescue dog. She loves scratches and pets, her ball, and secretly snacking on spent mushroom blocks.